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Rob Vroom

Rob A. Vroom joined ZETA Corporate Finance in July 2012. Rob has over 30 years experience in financial management, of which the past 20 years in Real Estate.

From January 2016 until the end of January 2017 Rob worked as interim CFO at Vesteda, a large Dutch residential investor with a portfolio comprising approx. 22,500 residential units.
From mid 2013 until the end of June 2015 Rob worked as interim CFO of Q-Park, an international parking operator with strong market positions in many European countries.

Before ZETA Corporate Finance Rob worked as CFO at Bouwinvest, one of the largest institutional real estate asset managers in the Netherlands. During his time as CFO at Bouwinvest Rob transformed Bouwinvest successfully into a professional organisation to deal with the following key market forces: increased competition, regulatory environment, more transparency, reduce costs/improve margins and new technology. Rob has built up extensive knowledge with fund structuring, risk management, governance structures and valuation matters within the real estate industry. From 2007 to 2011 Rob has been a board member of the IVBN (Association of Institutional Real Estate Investors). Before joining Bouwinvest Rob was – during a period of five years – CFO at KFN, the office investment fund of ABP. Prior to entering the real estate industry in 1998, Rob held senior financial management positions in the Netherlands and abroad with multinationals such as Numico, Fiat Auto and Arthur Andersen.

Rob holds a master’s degree in business economics from the State University of Groningen. Rob speaks Dutch, English, German and Italian.

Rob is based in Amstelveen, the Netherlands and can be reached at:

(T) +31 20 363 7351