Debt advisory

The debt advisory team operates across the whole spectrum of debt markets including banking, capital markets, asset-based lending, and structured finance.

Our debt advisory services include amongst others organizing and conducting competitive tenders including the negotiation of term sheets, documentation and cash flow modeling. The advice we provide to companies is objective and independent of the providers of debt.

More detailed examples of situations in which we may be involved:

  • Financing strategy and optimum capital structure
  • Preparation of information memoranda
  • Assessing the available sources of finance and debt sourcing
  • Detailed cash flow modeling, including scenario analysis and simulation studies
  • Co-ordinate other advisers (lawyers, etc.)
  • Refinancing or restructuring of debt
  • Real estate (re)financing
  • Credit ratings advisory
  • Securitization advisory
  • Hedging currency, interest rate, commodity and credit default risk
  • Loan Covenant re-sets